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Kubernetes: Kube-router

Kubernetes is one of the most active open-source project right now. I’m trying to keep up with interesting updates from the Kubernetes community. This kube-router project is one of them although I’ve not get an idea how stable or useful it is.

Kube-router is a distributed load balancer, firewall and router for Kubernetes. Kube-router can be configured to provide on each cluster node:
* IPVS/LVS based service proxy on each node for ClusterIP and NodePort service types, providing service discovery and load balancing
* an ingress firewall for the pods running on the node as per the defined Kubernetes network policies using iptables and ipset
* a BGP router to advertise and learn the routes to the pod IP's for cross-node pod-to-pod connectivity

A few notes on related works in Kubernetes community:

  • The most obvious one is kube-proxy service, which is included in the standard Kubernetes installations. This kube-router can be a replacement for kube-proxy in the future.
  • Another related work is IPVS-based in-cluster service load balancing. Huawei presented this work at Kubecon 2016. IIRC, it is implemented as a flag to kube-proxy and considerable performance improvement was reported.